Q) Why do you NOT carry Ocean Potion Sunscreen anymore?  I have been buying from you for years because I like your customer service, quick shipping, & the fact that it is always fresh!
A)  We are sad to inform you that Ocean Potion was sold to a new company.  Effective November 2017, they have revoked the distributorship rights from all distributors around the country. We do not know where or even IF you will be able to find it in the future because we were not informed of their "new plans".  Ocean Potion also owns Bullfrog & No-Ad brands of sunscreen.  

Q) I created an account to shop at Barnacle Kove, where did my account information go?
A) We have decided it is not necessary for you to have an account to shop with us as it was causing too much confusion. We do not like to shop where we are forced to set up an account & try to remember yet another password either, so we removed this as a required option.  If you prefer to set up an account with us, the option is yours.  By having an account, you can track your own purchases, redeem rewards, & keep track of the products you purchase most often.  Anyone can shop until they drop without worrying about passwords!
Q) Why must I provide an email when shopping Barnacle Kove?
A) We require an email so that we can send you an order confirmation & shipping details. We DO NOT share, sell, or provide your email to third parties other than the shipping carrier so that you get an automated notification that your order has been shipped. With today's world of mobile devices, if you prefer not to have these notices sent to your iPhone, Blackberry, etc., we suggest using a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo account that you only use for shopping, one that is not being forwarded to your mobile phone. Email is our only way to connect with our customers if we should have a problem processing or shipping your order.
Q) What about my Reward Points? Since I can have not created an account with you, have I lost my points that I have already earned?

A) You still have the points you have earned. We are tracking them for you & will notify you of your reward point balance stamped on every invoice packed in your shipment. You can choose to redeem when you reach the first redemption level or continue earning until you reach the next level. There is a request form to use for redeeming your own points on your account page.  We are opting to use the manual method for our Rewards Program so that those customers who do not wish to create an account can still participate. If you do not have an account with us, you can contact us direct to redeem rewards.  If, at any time, you would like to know your Reward Point Balance, just drop us an email & we will be happy to look it up for you. Simply give us your Last Name & your City, State [Country for International Customers].
Q) I have tried changing the quantity of the products I want to purchase but it will not change the number. When I try to log out & come back later, it just keeps putting more items in my cart ... why?
A) You will see a link that says "Update Cart" under the quantity fields - after changing quantity, removing items, etc. click this link to see the changes take place
"Proceed to Checkout" - when you are satified with all items & shipping options, click this button to continue checkout where you will have a choice of payment options including PayPal or an online credit card.  You can see estimated shipping costs/options by entering your zip code in the designated box ... you will need to select your shipping option after proceeding to checkout.

Q) I keep getting an error when checking out that says "Card Invalid" but I know it is correct. What is up with that?
A) If you are sure you have entered the correct billing address, phone number, & credit card number, it may be that you entered it with dashes or spaces. Try entering your credit card number again without using dashes or spaces & this should take care of the problem.  Often, customers use the wrong billing address.  Please keep in mind that if your BILLING information is incorrect, your order will fail. We can ship your order anywhere you wish, but the billing info must match exactly what your credit card issuer has on file for you.  If you still have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to help!
Q) How can I see what my shipping options are without giving all my address information first?
A) In order for our cart system to calculate shipping cost, it must know where the package is going & what the total weight is. You can see an estimate before "proceed to checkout" by entering your zip code in the box designated "Calculate Shipping" then click the Calculate Button to see all options & costs. You will select your option on the checkout page.  Usually Smart Post is the default option but you can click "Refresh Rates" beside the other options to see more costs.  And remember, if your total merchandise equals $50.00 & up [after discount codes, etc.], shipping is Free for our USA customers, even if you have continued spray products in your cart. 

[Note]: Our shipping estimator does not work for International destinations. International Customers can see estimates by proceeding to checkout & entering their Postal Code in the "ship to" area & pressing "refresh rates".] You will select the option once you "proceed to checkout" after you have filled in your billing & shipping information. Default selects Smart Post but you can click the "refresh rates" button for any of the options shown to select your shipping method.  So sorry, we cannot ship Free to international destinations.
Q) How do I know when my order qualifies for FREE Shipping?
A) Free Shipping will show up as an option only if your order qualifies.  Remember, if you use a Discount Code, this will increase the minimum requirement for Free Shipping. [If you spend the required $50.00 then use a $5.00 discount, you have now reduced your balance to $45.00 & will need to add $5.00 more to qualify]. You can enter the Discount Code on the "view cart" page so that it is already accounted for in the calculation.

Q) I need my package fast.  Why can I not select Express or Overnight Delivery?
A) Due to differences in time zones, we cannot always accommodate overnight delivery plus it can be quite expensive.  If you need your package overnight, please contact us & if it is possible, we can ship overnight for an additional fee.  Also keep in mind that we can ship to your destination so that your package will be waiting for you upon your arrival.  Just make sure to allow enough time & provide a phone number for your destination.  Also make sure they know to expect a package or they may refuse the package.   
Q) Why must I enter credit card information if I am using PayPal?

A) You do not have to enter this information unless you are using a credit card. When you select PayPal, it will transport you to your PayPal login page to complete your order when you press the "Checkout" button. If using a credit card, select "Online Credit Card", enter your card information, then click "Check Out" at the bottom of the page.
Q) Why must I enter the 3 digit [4 digit for AMEX] number when I check out?
A) Being an online merchant, we are unable to swipe your card with a terminal like in physical stores or ask for a picture ID. This insures that you are the one with the card in your possession & helps prevent fraud. If this number does not match or your billing address does not match what the bank has on file for you, the order will fail to complete. This is to protect our customers as well as ourselves from being victimized by fraud. We never see this number, we are only notified rather it matches bank records or not.
Q) Why is shipping so high for one little thing like a lip balm?
A) There are several choices for shipping.  "Smart Post" is the default, however, small items can be shipped First Class for less.  First Class goes by ounces up to 13 but Smart Post, USPS Priority, & FedEx Home Delivery goes by pounds.  Even if your item only weighs a couple of ounces, it is considered as 1 pound minimum.  Always view ALL of your shipping choices before clicking the checkout button.
Q) I have over $50.00 worth of merchandise in my cart, including some of the Continuous Sprays.  It says I MUST select FedEx Home Delivery.  Why can I not get FREE Shipping because I have purchased Continuous Sprays?
A) You can still qualify for Free Shipping with any $50.00 order [USA only].  As long as the choice for "Free Shipping" appears at checkout, you can select that option.  The message is intended for those who do not qualify for Free Shipping.  Just be aware that if you have Continuous sprays in your cart, it will need to be shipped FedEx Ground which may take a little longer.
Q) I am from the UK & would like to purchase some Ocean Potion Continuous Spray products. Why can you not ship these to my country?

A) All of the continuous spray products are labeled ORM-D [Other Regulated Material - Domestic] which means they are considered by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a hazardous material that can present a low risk of hazard during shipping due to their contents being under pressure [especially at high altitudes]. They can only be shipped ground method within the USA. We apologize to our international customers, however, we are committed to the safety of our carriers and the public in general. US Customers MUST select FedEx Home Delivery which is our ground method of shipping.